Yui Sakagoshi, Japanese saxophonist based in Paris and Strasbourg, performs with numerous ensembles and in many solo projects. She has a particular interest in the implementation of theatrical elements in her performances and the works she plays.

She obtained her bachelor of music from Osaka College of Music in 2012 under the guidance of Asako Inoue, then moving to France and she followed the class of Jérôme Laran at Aulnay-sous Bois Conservatory. She has earn masters degree in Musical Interpretation at the Haute École des arts du Rhin - HEAR and University of Strasbourg in 2017 with saxophonist Philippe Geiss and musicologist Pierre Michel. 

She is currently pursuing Ph.D degree in Musicale Interpretation and Creation at Académie supérieure de musique of Strasbourg - HEAR (France), University of Strasbourg (France) and University of Music in Freiburg (Germany). 


Although her personal and academic research focuses on contemporary theatrical music, she develops her musical projects on several levels, like live electronics, musical gesture, body gesture, voice and movement in music, in collaboration with composers, performing already written and choreographed pieces, and also creating herself theater and music for the performer.


International musician, Yui has performed at numerous festivals, saxophone congresses and contemporary music events, such as Festival Musica (Strasbourg 2015-2019), Stockhausen Academy (Kürten 2017, 2019), World Saxophone Congress (Strasbourg 2015, Zagreb 2018), Tribute to Jean-Claude Risset organized by the Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine (Paris 2018), Impuls Festival and Academy (Graz 2019), NEWMUSIC WEEK with mdi ensemble (Roma 2019), International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research - CMMR (Marseille 2019), 13th Stockhausen Memorial Concert (Kürten, 2019).  


She has performed with the Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg in Philip Venables' opera 4.48 Psychosis under the direction of Richard Baker at the Opéra national du Rhin, in the AxisModula in Sergio Núñes Meneses' S'assombrit, with Jean-François Zygel and the Ensemble de Saxophones de Strasbourg in the show 20 000 lieues sous les mers at the Philharmonie du Luxembourg. 


In March 2019, she was invited to New York and performed in Sylvana, Merkin Concert Hall and MISE-EN PLACE Bushwick. She has premiered works by the following composers: Zhihua Hu, Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Chatori Shimizu, Kai Kobayashi and Longfei Li. 


The quintet of which she is a member of the Ensemble Intercolor (cymbalum - violin - accordion - saxophone - clarinet), has been invited to perform at the Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark in 2019. The ensemble was selected as the winner of the call for projects by Musiques Éclatées, with two concerts in 2020 in Strasbourg.



Her commitment to the new sound arts has led her to create new works with many composers from around the world: Chatori Shimizu, Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Iván Solano, Sergio Núñez Meneses, Antonio Tules, Sergio Rodrigo, Damian Gorandi, Osamu Kadowaki, Richard Harmann, Friso Van Wijck and Mogens Christensen.


In August 2019, Yui received a performance award from the Karlheinz Stockhausen Foundation. From November 2019, she is engaged by the contemporary circus company Max&Maurice in the show De A à Zèbre.



Winner’s recital at Musée d’Art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg with Ensemble Intercolor

Mixed Music for Mixed People realised by Musiques Éclatées and Elektramusic (Strasbourg) 

Images, Gestes, Voix during the festival Journée de Musique Eclatée (Strasbourg) —> CANCELLED due to COVID19

Concert-confinement  (April 2020, Paris)

6plus6 project organised by Jean-Louis Agobet (April 2020, online broadcast)

Lien#3 organised by AxisModula (May 2020, online broadcast)

Two birds relate baton project organised by Tokiwazu Mojimasa (May 2020, online broadcast)

Festival de l’Epau  [Ensemble Intercolor] (Le Mans)

Festival musica [Ensemble Intercolor] (Strasbourg)


Workshop&Show Music Extended during the Festival&Academy impuls (Graz)

Concert for Young Talents with Ensemble Intercolor (Strasbourg)

New York tour with SoreYure Duo (New York City)

Japon tour with composer Iván Solano (Tokyo, Gunma, Osaka)

Festival NEW MUSIC WEEK with mdi ensemble (Roma)

Interpretation award by Foundation de Karlheinz Stockhausen (Germany)

Thy Chamber Music Festival with Ensemble Intercolor (Danmark) 

Opera 4.48 Psychosis with Orchestre Philharmonie de Strasbourg at Opéra du Rhin (Strasbourg)

20 000 lieues sous les mers Jean-François Zygel at Philharmonie du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research  — CMMR 2019 (Marseille)

13th Stockhausen Memorial Concert (Kürten)


2nd Prize from 23rd KOBE International Music Competition (1est Prize for saxophone)

S’assombrit by Sergio Núñes Meneses with AxisModula (Strasbourg)

Concert Soundscape Today with TESSELAT Composers Collective (Osaka)    

Festival musica (Strasbourg)

Tribute to Jean-Claude Risset organised by CDMC and Labex GREAM (Paris)


Scholarship for Stockhausen Academy (Kürten)

Festival musica (Strasbourg)


Finaliste from Japan National Music Competition (Tokyo) 

Concert 28th YAMAHA Young Musicians (Osaka)

Festival 12th World Saxophone Congress (Strasbourg)

Festival musica (Strasbourg)

Concert Portrait de Jean-Claude RISSET (Strasbourg)