Images, Gestures, Voices

- Multidisciplinary performance at the crossroads of music, theatre and the Performing Arts -



What do gestures bring to the music and the musician? 

What do gestures change to the interpretation? 


In order to find answers to these questions, I conducted my research on stage pieces during my master's studies. And I am currently deepening this subject by developing my doctoral project entitled "The synergy of the saxophone and the body as a means of musical expression". 


Since 5 years of working with many composers, I have been experimenting, in each creative challenge, different approaches, different ways of realizing these approaches, different issues to deal with. Whatever form this work takes, I feel a great excitement when an energy is born during the act of creation. The fact that I have been creating pieces from the very beginning has changed my way of looking at music, as much as my way of working on existing pieces.

Some precious and successful experiences have led me to ask myself these questions: why do we want to express ourselves? Why do we create?

This questioning is at the source of my solo project Images, Gestes, Voix.




Sergio Núñez Meneses (1989-)  :  S’assombrit 5 (2018)   

for breath and electronics

Thierry de Mey (1956-)  :  Silence must be! (2002)

for solo chef and electronics


Yui Sakagoshi (1989- )   :   Motion Experiment (2019)

for mouvements


Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)  :  In Freundschaft (1977, 1983)   

for soprano saxophone