Ensemble Intercolor

Ensemble Intercolor formed in 2015 and is unique for two reasons: the group is comprised of five contrasting instruments (cimbalom, violin, accordion, clarinet and saxophone) and the members hail from across the globe (Belarus, France, Spain and Japan).

The sound cohesion is achieved by turning each instrument into a human voice, modifying characteristics such as tone and expression. Applying this theory, Intercolor works as if in a laboratory of sound creation during each rehearsal, taking the language as an expressive tool. Consequently, the ensemble offers a vast repertoire extending from early music to new commissions and regular collaboration with composers.

The ensemble has performed several premieres, inclduing Antonio Tules’ Récessive Sept (2017), Jean-Patrick Besingrand’s Cinq centimetres par seconde (2018), Friso van Wijck’s ...of blue, of green... (2019), Mogens Christensen’s Folia for five - Folk Music from an Unknown Country (2019) and Damian Gorandi’s Dark Virtue (2020).

Since forming the group have performed several concerts across France, including at Maison de l’Europe (Strasbourg, June 2016) with a concert organized by the art’s sponsors of the city, the sciences seminary “Powders & Grains” (Montpellier, July 2017) and a concert Jeunes Talents in the Conservatory of Strasbourg, 2019. In August 2019 the Ensemble received an excellent reception at the Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark. The ensemble has also been selected as laureate of the Project Musiques Éclatées 2019, with two concerts during the year 2020.

Aleksandra Dzenisenia - Cymbalum 

Emma Errera - Violon 

Helena Sousa Estévez - Accordéon 

Yui Sakagoshi - Saxophone 

Léa Castello - Clarinette 



Guillaume Dufay (1397- 1474) : Ma belle dame souveraine 

Clément Janequin (1485 -1558) : Le chant des oyseaux
John Taverner (1490-1545) : The Western Wind Mass - Gloria

Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613) : Moro lasso
György Ligeti (1923-2006) : Nonsense Madrigals : 2. The cuckoo in the pear tree 

Mogens Christensen (1955-) : Folia for Five - Folk Music from an Unknown Country
Friso Van Wijck (1974-) : …of blue, of green...
Jean-Patrick Besingrand (1985-) : Cinq centimètres par seconde 

Antonio Tules (1990-) : Récessive Sept
Damian Gorandi (1991-) : Dark Virtue