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November 2022

Resident artist of KOBE Re: Public Art Project  


Season 2022/2023

Circus show "De A à Zèbre" by Cie Max&Maurice 

現代サーカスショー "De A à Zèbre" 出演中

Jan&Feb 2023 

Ensemble ORBIS "Manifesto  ORBIS"  in Paris & Lyon

アンサンブル・オルビス による"Manifesto ORBIS" パリ・リヨン公演

July - September 2023

Workshop and performance in several cities in Japan 

ワークショップ&コンサート in ジャパン!

Au milieu de  (The In-Between)

Music theatre work with saxophone, electronics and video mapping

Freely inspired by Kôbô Abé's « Box Man » 

Creation: April 2022 

Festival Detours de Babel (Grenoble), Festival les Fabricants (Oullins)


Short performance for a performer with saxophone, textes and electronics

Freely inspired by Kôbô Abé's « Box man »

Creation: October 2022 

Festival POTE (Besançon)

De A à Zèbre 

Spectacle de cirque contemporain par la Cie Max&Maurice 

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